What Are Springtails And How They Can Cause Harm To The Environment

What Are Springtails And How They Can Cause Harm To The Environment

Are you not aware of Springtails and want to know how to prevent Springtails attack to your environment and garden. Let’s know about it.

What Are Springtails?

Springtails are insects like spiders and crabs. There are around 9000 different species in the world. Moreover, springtails are the largest group of animals living in the ground after the mites. They are commonly found in the garden. Therefore, depending on the species springtail, by swinging and biting or by stinking and sucking. 

Springtails are good for the environment. They use their mouth to break down dead organic matter, fungi and fertilize them. Therefore, springtails are known as the most important recycler in the ecosystem. Such insects breathe so fastly. Depending on the age and general condition of the female. They lay a few hundred eggs in their lifestyle and multiply themselves easily and fastly. 

How To Recognize Springtails?

Springtails are really tiny, around 5 millimeter in length. They are dark in colour and very hairy in structure. This is especially on the ground on the other hand stands out with the white pigmentation. Springtails are available in high humidity areas and mostly found in the soil, rooting plant material, tree bark and water places. Moreover, they can survive for several year. Mostly found in the winter season.

How Springtail Causes Harm To The Environment

As we know springtails fertilize organic materials but at some extent it is harmful for the environment.

  • It Is Harmful For The Agriculture 

If Springtails infestation causes harm to the new crop and can completely destroy the crop. Prevent their areas for the springtail attacks to save your crops. It is not good to have Springtails infestation in the garden or your field. Because slowly -slowly it reaches to the roots too.

  • Harm Your House Garden

The presence of springtails in the House garden and clutters can annoy you. If you have kids, children and pets at home, it is not good to be attacked by the Springtails. It can roam around your home and attack you and your loved ones. There is a chance that it can bite you or your family member. Also it can also bite the pet also.

How To Get Rid Of A Springtails Attack At Your Garden Or Field?

It is important to get rid of Springtails because they can destroy your garden completely. Springtails are good for the dead plants and garden but not for the fresh gardens and new crop in the field.

Book A Pest Control Company

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Are you not aware of Springtails and want to know how to prevent Springtails attack on your environment and garden? Let’s know about it.